Emilia Perri— Painter


My energy changes from my usual reality when I am painting. I am much more at peace and able to operate in the moment even if I am not peaceful at the start of a creation; it just happens when I'm not noticing. Also, I am not thinking about what went on in my life yesterday, what needs  to be done, who I need to call, whose needs I have to fulfill. I am just here and present in every swirl, stroke and scrape, in every colour and in every movement. My thoughts are centered on what is going on in front of me on the canvas. That is when I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from me and I feel free. I feel so free to explore my thoughts and emotions, to explore my inspiration which often times comes from music, to explore the beauty and feeling of nature and really to explore myself, and to do it all from the observational distance of being a painter.

My paintings are a visual expression of me: who I am. You will find in them both the good and the bad parts of me, my successes and failures, my loves and my fears, my expectations and fulfillments. In all my paintings you will find an exploration and discovery of what my life means for me.

Who am I as a painter? As a painter, I have no fear. I crave the unknown; the more it is unknown, the more I am excited by the feelings that the painting evokes in me. I seek the most unknown elements in painting, such as colour combinations that I have never seen before or tools to move the paint with that I have never used before (although I also have my favourites). I feel excited by the unknown image that develops through each layer of paint and I like to use parts of those layers as I continue to paint and scrape through more colour and texture combinations. I never set out to paint a certain art work; it is the process of painting that excites me. And when I feel it is at the point where I want to leave it, it is then only the end of that particular journey or painting and the start of another new journey or new painting.

Once I am on the painting journey, I delight in having to make changes, to try and get elements to work together by introducing new elements, shapes and colours, not being afraid to cover the whole painting and then to start scraping parts of it away again, to give it another chance. This process can go on for a long while at times, until it feels so right and so good to me that I arrive at that place that I crave, the place where I've never been before and I delight in all that there is to explore about it.

Emilia Perri— Montage